Elopement Planning Checklist


Wedding planning is no mean feat but surprisingly, elopement planning is not as easy as it sounds even if you have help on board. A quick glimpse of the elopement planning list below will jolt the lighthearted into reality.

This is only a sample of a typical Byron Bay Elopement Planning Checklist and Budget Planner and will obviously need some tinkering to suit your individual elopement planning needs …


Done Activity By Groom By Bride By Planner Budget $ Spent $

Start the ball rolling

Buy engagement ring
Announce engagement to Brides family
Announce engagement to Grooms family
Announce engagement to friends
Update Facebook
Place Ad in newspaper
Send invites for engagement party
Engagement Party

Long Range To Do’s (6-12 months)

Agree on a wedding date
Agree on theme and how many guests
Discuss a wedding budget
Work out who is paying for what
Find a Celebrant
Find a wedding venue
Find a celebration venue

Mid Range To Do’s (3-6 months)

Find accommodation for invitees
Find a florist
Find a photographer
Find a videographer
Find a makeup artist
Find a hair stylist
Find a cake baker
Find a wedding dress, shoes and accessories
Find limo/transport

Counting down To Do’s (2-3 months)

Book accommodation and flights
Find groom’s outfit
Firm up bouquets and arrangements with florist
Ensure wedding dress fittings finalised
Confirm wedding dress delivery date
Book Honeymoon
Purchase wedding rings

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.. To do’s (2-8 weeks)

Try on dress etc to ensure acceptable fittings
Contact Celebrant and write vows
Ensure party hire has delivery details
Ensure florist has delivery details
Send list to photographer (bride & groom on beach…)
Ensure limo has pick up details
Compile a ceremony playlist on ipod

4, 3, 2.. To do’s (1 week)

Compile a Wedding Day Run Sheet
Arrange marriage witnesses for ceremony
Pick up groom’s outfit
Arrange for mail whilst on honeymoon
Pack for honeymoon
Obtain cash for wedding providers/suppliers
Fake tan and Nails

1.. (Wedding Eve)

Hand out gifts to attendants
Delegate ipod operator for ceremony
Arrange who bride’s contact at ceremony to advise ETA
Rehearsal with Celebrant


Bask in the stardom

Post-Wedding Checklist

Update status on Facebook and post friends photos
Have your bridal bouquet preserved
Return rental clothing
Return rental and borrowed gear
Meet photographer to review photos
Send editorial and select photos to newspaper


Meet videographer to review footage
Clean wedding dress
Have your wedding dress preserved
Send our thank you notes for the gifts you received
Write testimonials for excellent service/s
Change name/marital status with bank & passport etc.
Change address for postage etc.
Pick up your wedding photos/album
Pick up your wedding video
Update insurances and superannuation beneficiaries
Update wills