David and I were at a wedding once where the celebrant was monotone, spoke really quietly and was just completely dull.
When we got engaged and started the wedding planning, we both agreed the last thing we wanted was people falling asleep at our wedding!!. We found Jacqui’s website through Google and watched her intro video…we both loved it so got in contact straight away. We live in England, so when we got in touch Jacqui organised a Skype call to meet and so she could tell us all about herself, and why she’s different…she was in her PJ’s, drinking champagne (she takes the Champagne Celebrant idea very seriously!!). Anyway we connected with her instantly and there was no discussion after the call, we both agreed she was definitely right for us and booked her straight away.
Then the day of the wedding came and it was perfect – fun, light hearted and kept our guests from nodding off at the ceremony. But also Jacqui was so helpful with everything before and after (paperwork etc), she never let us forget anything which as you can imagine could happen travelling from the other side of the world.
Seriously Jacqui we thank you for everything. Who knows, we may be back to renew our vows with you again. xx”