Whether Byron Bay Wedding Ceremonies are public or private, ritualising the celebration of love between two people is a significant milestone in showing of commitment to each other. Commitment Ceremonies are treated much the same as wedding ceremonies and are also included in my Byron Bay Wedding Packages.

As your Celebrant, I take it on myself to ensure that you are enriched by the experience and that you find it personalised. This is a time when you are making promises to one another so you need to take your time to turn your feelings into meaningful words. Words that will shape your future together. This sounds a little serious but you can still keep it fun.

Whether you are having guests or not be sure to explore the possibilities of including readings, poems, themes (costumes), music (live or mp3), dance, video (mp4), photos or comic artists, etc. Most of all, it is your day, so make sure it is your way!

The participants may be from a variety of situations for instance gay couples or divorced couples that have an ongoing relationship. Sometimes widowed or older couples want to share a relationship that will be recognized in legal terms when it comes to the realization of wills.