Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant


Jacqui Patterson is registered as a COVID Safe business with NSW Government.

Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant


Recognition of Covid 19 Symptoms versus Cold and Flu:

Byron Bay Wedding Photographers Covid Plan


The following precautions shall be adhered to minimise the spread of Corona Virus:

  • Contact clients prior to and on the day of wedding to check if they are fit and well.
  • Wash hands before, after and during presence with clients or wedding participants following the recommended NSW health guidelines.
  • Make available fresh gloves and masks for use if there is a need to get close to clients or wedding participants.
  • Limit physical contact with clients or wedding participants.
  • Do not ever go to work sick.
  • Do not enter a premises in which people are sick, have travelled overseas, attended a large gathering or been in direct contact with anyone who is sick or showing signs of any illness.
  • Practice social distancing outside of work.
  • Disinfect equipment after each wedding.
  • Conduct ‘Zoom’ meetings online where practicable to limit the amount of face to face visits.
  • Encourage clients to have installed and have active the COVID-SAFE government app
  • Update this Covid Safety Plan on a continuous basis to ensure currency.

Updated 22nd October 2020