Mitch & Alyce | Graciosa | Bangalow



There are always two sides to every story but I’m going to start with Mitch’s version of how he met the gorgeous Alyce! At the time Mitch was actually spoken for. His then girlfriend asked him to accompany her to a friend’s house to collect some clothes and meet her friends Loz & Alyce. The first time he laid eyes on Alyce she was in her undies in Loz’s room. Mitch hadn’t even seen her face at this point but I don’t think he really cared, he was already hooked! J A startled Alyce glared right back looking at him like a juicy porterhouse steak! He he

The following years their paths continued to cross but it wasn’t until one night out at the Mona Vale Pub that things really started to heat up! Alyce was out being led astray once again by Loz (her bridesmaid) when low and behold the suave looking Mitch graced the doorstep. He was cashed up, ready to impress and kept the girl’s glasses overflowing all night! Unbeknownst to Mr. Casanova. The damsels were actually penniless so lucky for them he was there!  He was really only trying to impress one girl but he knew if he had her friend on side he’d be kicking goals! Before the night was over, numbers were exchanged and phone lines were running hot!


Ching ching to a beautiful couple!