Wedding Run Sheet

Wedding Run Sheet Template

Below is an example of a Wedding Run Sheet – Ceremony start – say 3:00 PM.

This could be used as your own wedding run sheet template and a similar format for the wedding reception run sheet or wedding reception timeline. Whether it’s a cocktail wedding run sheet, a wedding reception template or a wedding day run sheet, MS Excel is an ideal tool for putting a diy wedding planning checklist or run sheet together.

Bride/BridesmaidsLatest StartDurationBy
Hair10:50 AM1:15Hair Stylist
Makeup12:05 PM1:00Makeup Artist
Dressing1:05 PM0:45Bride
Photos1:50 PM0:30Photographer/Videographer
Last preparations2:20 PM0:20Bride
Limo2:40 PM0:20Limo
Ceremony3:00 PM1:00Deep breaths
Groom/GroomsmenLatest StartDurationBy
Dressing1:40 PM0:30Groom
Travel2:10 PM0:20Groom
Greet guests at ceremony2:30 PM0:30Groom
Ceremony3:00 PM1:00See below
Typical Civil CeremonyStartDurationBy
Entrance music3:00 PM0:00Ipod Operator
Bride processional3:00 PM0:02Bride
Intro by Celebrant3:02 PM0:02Celebrant
Giving away3:04 PM0:02Parents
Reading3:06 PM0:02Friend?
Monitum3:08 PM0:02Celebrant
The asking3:10 PM0:02Celebrant
Marriage vows3:12 PM0:02Bride & Groom
Ring ceremony/vows3:14 PM0:02Bride & Groom
Kiss3:16 PM0:02Bride & Groom
Conclusion3:18 PM0:02Celebrant
Declaration of marriage3:20 PM0:02Celebrant
Signing of Marriage Register3:22 PM0:08Bride & Groom
Music during signing3:22 PM0:08Ipod Operator
Introduction of Mr & Mrs …3:30 PM0:00Celebrant
Congratulations & drinks3:30 PM0:30All
Conclusion4:00 PMAll
Bride & Groom PhotosStartDurationBy
Conclude Ceremony4:00 PM0:00Bride & Groom
Photos4:00 PM1:00Photographer/Videographer
Limo5:00 PM0:20Limo
Bridal entry at Reception5:20 PM5:00Bride & Groom
Drinks4:00 PMCaterer
Bridal entry5:20 PM0:15Bride & Groom
Chit Chat5:35 PM0:30All
Welcome Intro6:05 PM0:15MC
1st Course Entrée6:20 PM0:20Caterer
Clearing of Entrée6:40 PM0:10Caterer
Main Course6:50 PM0:20Caterer
Clearing Main Course7:10 PM0:10Caterer
Dessert7:20 PM0:20Caterer
Dessert cleared7:40 PM0:10Caterer
Pour Toasting Champagne7:50 PM0:10Caterer
Toast to the Bride & Groom8:00 PM0:10MC
Speech8:10 PM0:10Father of the Groom
Speech8:20 PM0:10Father of the Bride
Speech8:30 PM0:10Best Man
Speech8:40 PM0:10Groom
Bridal Waltz8:50 PM0:05Bride & Groom
Dancing8:55 PM3:00Band
Cake cutting11:55 PM0:05Bride & Groom
Farewell circle & Departure12:00 AM0:10All
Close12:10 AMAll