Byron Bay Wedding Locations


Location, Location, Location – Byron Bay Wedding Locations have the Best scenery, Best climate, Best beaches and Best hinterland to celebrate your wedding day on the East Coast of Australia – just ask the Champagne Celebrant for some tips…

Local Knowledge

Jacqui, the Champagne Celebrant is a 5th generation local so can claim plenty of local knowledge. Growing up in the area and having a large network of friends and business associates only reinforces this knowledge.
Jacqui is always keen to help couples with their wedding planning and of course the selection of a ceremony location, a wedding venue or a reception venue is prime.

Wedding Ceremony Plan B

Fortunately there are so many fabulous Byron Bay Wedding Locations to choose from. But, Jacqui recommends organising a good plan B option in case of rain. The weather is not easily controlled and the best laid plans can so easily be washed away in minutes.

Byron Bay Wedding Locations – Hinterland versus Beaches

There are picture perfect beaches and there are equally as appealing hinterland locations. There are advantages with both but some disadvantages as well.
The beach is hotter than anywhere else especially in summer so if you are thinking of anything more than light summer wear you will roast. Then the hinterland can be pretty steamy in summer if there is no breeze.

Byron Bay Wedding Locations – Summer versus Winter

Summer is hot often with scattered rain. Winter is cooler but not cold and tends to be drier.
From Spring through to Autumn is the busy wedding and tourist season. Winter has much higher availability of venues, guest accommodation and services.