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Byron Bay Wedding Ceremonies


The laws vary between states but the significance of a commitment ceremony on your relationship status can be researched with the Registrar of Birth Deaths and Marriages in your State. An interesting quote from Massachusetts Supreme Court Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall “Marriage is a vital social institution. The exclusive commitment of two individuals to each other nurtures love and mutual support; it brings stability to our society. For those who choose to marry, and for their children, marriage provides an abundance of legal, financial, and social benefits. In return, it imposes weighty legal, financial, [...]


Whether Byron Bay Wedding Ceremonies are public or private, ritualising the celebration of love between two people is a significant milestone in showing of commitment to each other. Commitment Ceremonies are treated much the same as wedding ceremonies and are also included in my Byron Bay Wedding Packages. As your Celebrant, I take it on myself to ensure that you are enriched by the experience and that you find it personalised. This is a time when you are making promises to one another so you need to take your time to turn your feelings into [...]


The renewal of vows is as meaningful as a marriage ceremony and on many occasions even more so. For example, a couple may have lived through the ups and downs of daily life and always put each other first so this has strengthened their love and appreciation over time. The renewal of vows can extend to the ritualising of gratitude and confirmation of a rock solid bond. A couple may be re-establishing something that they lost and want to celebrate their reunion. A couple may want to include the renewal of vows as an addition [...]


Although a wedding sand ceremony, also known as a unity sand ceremony, is not a new idea, it has increased in popularity in recent years as couples move away from traditional rituals such as the unity candle ceremony. The origins of the ceremony are unclear, but it is thought that it was started either by Hawaiians or Native Americans, and that it symbolises the inseparable nature of marriage. Originally, the bride and groom would each have simply picked up a handful of sand and thrown it into the wind. The grains of sand would have [...]


Elopements With The Champagne Celebrant There are so many elopements at Byron Bay and the number is on the rise. Let’s face it, a wedding can be an expensive exercise. The cost of the average Australian Wedding is over $35,000 and heading North so an elopement may be an attractive option. Couples can fly to Byron, spend the week in champagne accommodation, wine, dine and treat themselves to plenty of ‘us time’. You can still throw a party for friends and family back home. Legals Covered In Byron Bay Wedding Ceremonies From my Celebrant’s point [...]


Walk in as lovers and walk out as Newlyweds! At Least ONE MONTH Prior To The Ceremony: Download, print and complete a Notice of intended Marriage Form. You need to have at least one signature witnessed and then email or post the form to me Email or SMS your birth certificates or Passports and other documentation where applicable (call me to discuss) ‘MUST HAVES’ On The Day Of The Ceremony: Two witnesses over the age of 18 with a good command of the English language ORIGINAL completed and witnessed Notice of intended Marriage Form ORIGINAL Birth Certificates and [...]

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