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My Ceremony Delivery

This Byron Bay Celebrant Blog says delivery of the ceremony sets the vibe for the day. That is why I put the effort into personalising each ceremony and telling the story  of your journey since meeting.

I revel in the wording of each Champagne Ceremony so will be asking lots of questions to ensure it’s very YOU. My ceremonies are designed to echo the way you are, the way you live and the way you love.

My pledge is ‘YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY’ so no matter what I write for you, the final cut is at your discretion and no surprises. My ceremony delivery is personalised for each couple and is about your journey since meeting. I revel in the wording so will be asking lots of questions to ensure it’s very YOU. My ceremonies are designed to echo the way you are, the way you live and the way you love.
As your Celebrant, I am generous with my time and a handy local directory when it comes to wedding suppliers.

Byron Bay Celebrants Blog

Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone will be making suggestions and pushing you to do it their way. Though I urge you to make your own choices, I do say plan, plan, plan. The events that stick in my memory the most, are the ones that have been thought out.

Imagine the bride is walking up the aisle and no-one knows how to work the iPod for that special tune that she wanted to play.

It happens.
I befriend my couples. I support them fully all the way and I am only a phone call away. If you don’t know the Byron, Ballina, Lismore area and need ideas, I can help steer you in the right direction – I’m a 5th generation local so I know my way around.

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The Ceremony Entry or Not 

Whether you make a grand entry (or not) is something you can have fun with. There are so many permutations and you can start by pondering who is going to make the entry – bride, groom, both, no-one or maybe the local brass band on the back of the fire truck.

You could be first there and enjoy watching the guests make an entry.

Mingling and a glass of bubbly can do wonders for the nerves and might just be your cuppa tea. There is no reason why you can’t arrive first, last or in a cauldron of soup. The only limitation is your imagination.

Then there is the ‘how’ to make an entry. On foot, by limo, by horse, by parachute, by boat and the list goes on.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Vows and Rings

Marriage vows or ring vows or not. It doesn’t have to be a magnificent delivery – you can say them quietly to yourselves and keep everyone guessing (did he say he would cook something?) or bellow it out on the microphone. You can write your own as simply or convoluted as you want. You can pick them up off the net or out of the reference material I provide. Or you can choose to give it a wide berth.

Assuming you want to proclaim your feelings for each other, there are a multitude of ways we can do this – you can read your vows off a card or repeat them after me. Lots of different iterations. No panic with this. Blurting them out from memory is not easy if you feel under duress, so think thrice about this.

Even though public speaking can make you nervous and emotional, remember, a few tears and a show of emotion is acceptable and come to think of it, this Byron Bay Celebrant Blog thinks it is probably expected.

Byron Bay Celebrants Blog

Max Your Photographer

Picture when you first open your wedding album. You don’t want to be scratching your head looking for missing friends, relatives, etc. Make sure your photographer covers everything and everybody you had in mind.

The Tip

Make it easy and give your photographer a list, e.g. Bride with siblings; Groom with Siblings; Bride & Groom with both parents; Bride & Groom with bridal party down by the waterfall, etc..

Say When Did You Want That Album?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so the choice of who takes the best shots is very subjective. A question you should ask yourself is, how long do you want to wait for those exquisite wedding photos? The most popular photographer is the most likely to have the biggest backlog of photoshopping to do. Unless you are prepared to wait 6 months, ask how long.

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Hey Big Spender

If you really want to spend small then consider an elopement. It doesn’t need to be a secret but if there are no guests to feed, refresh, dress or impress you are on a winner. Due to the large savings, Elopers will often treat themselves to a few indulgences and stay for a week away in style.

Another Excellent Saver Is Mid Week Weddings!

If you want to celebrate your wedding with friends and family then there are still savings to be made if you keep in mind the 3 essentials. Good food, ample liquid refreshment and music to boogie to. Oh I forgot to mention the 4th essential – an entertaining Byron Bay Celebrant Blog! When people talk about your wedding in years to come, they won’t be telling people that the enjoyed it because the wedding dress was hand made in Italy or flowers were flown in from Singapore or the Chauffer driven limo cost a bomb. Food, grog and music. And a classy Byron Bay Celebrant Blog!

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Plan B

Rule #1 For Outdoor Weddings

It CAN rain on the North Coast NSW.

Any month of the year but especially the warmer months. Don’t forget the up side though – rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day!

Some would argue that one. It was on mine.

Don’t be disappointed by having to abandon Plan A – Just make sure Plan B is a good one too.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

When the Wedding Celebrant says Mr & Mrs XXX!!

Then before you know it

“I now introduce to you – for the very first time – Mr & Mrs XXX”

Great line to start a party!

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

The Words

First, I ask you a bunch of questions about how you met, how you started your relationship, the proposal etc. I also provide you with a booklet of typical ceremonies, vows and poetry some more ideas.

Then, I work up a personalised script for you with as much input as you want.

It is entirely up to you how much you involve yourself with the wording and format of your ceremony. When you OK the final version, we are set to go.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Winter For Wedding Ceremonies – Yeahhh!!!

There are lots of reasons for timing your North Coast Wedding for the winter months.

  • The weather is mild – warm so people can dress up in comfort.
  • Winter is the drier season for this part of the coast, so rain is less likely to spoil your outdoor plans.
  • Bookings for venues and services are quieter during the winter. Therefore rates are more competitive and choices are more flexible.
  • The beaches are all but empty – magic
Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Relax & LIVE IT!

The planning and lead up to your day might be a progression over many months or even years in some cases! Then when it finally comes around it all goes so FAST!!!!!

Make sure that the next day you won’t be thinking and it was all just a big blurrrrrrrrr. You will want to do it all again. Please, I cant stress this one enough. Are you listening! TAKE YOUR TIME! Soak it all up and enjoy every minute, especially your ceremony. Unless you are planning to do it again – trust your experienced Byron Bay Celebrant Blog

Byron Bay Celebrants Blog

Involving Others

It’s quite engaging involving friends or family to participate in the ceremony.

Whether it is a reading, playing an instrument, singing (can they really sing?), juggling dinner plates or some snappy acrobatics, it stamps an element of originality on your ceremony and goes down a treat.

Or you may even have an act yourself or pretend to be a Wedding Celebrant Byron Bay – Worth a thought

Byron Bay Celebrants Blog

Tin Lids

For a family affair, kids are what it is all about.

Not all couples have crossed into caring for kids territory so it may not figure on the radar.

Think about whether you are brave enough to invite kids along?

Or babies.

It may depend on whether parents are respectful enough to calm them when they get restless. Some just let them take centre stage.

An excellent strategy is to get some wedding bubbles and/or chuppa chups to hand out just before the ceremony.

Byron Bay Celebrants Blog

Beach Fees

Local Councils and National Parks require permits to stage a wedding on the beach and the permit comes with a fee. Fees differ considerably depending on which beach your ceremony is.

The most expensive beaches are not necessarily the most picturesque or the most amenable. Can be surprisingly costly so well worth checking this out! See the relevant council websites for details.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Beaches & Cracker Heels

Beautiful, beautiful heels. Bigger the better. A girls best friend but sadly not so fab on the beach. I love my bling toe sandals. They take all the drama out of soft sand. Save the glamour shoes for the reception.

Well nothing like a great pair of heels  but they do tend to sink if the ground is soft. Stiletto Heel Stoppers that are really too cool for school.

Never going to work on the beach unless they are the size of a dinner plate.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Ticking All The Boxes

Your wedding day requires intricate planning. Think it through and through again to make sure it is all highs and no lows. If you tick every box you possibly can prior to the wedding day you are well in front.

Take charge of the things you do have control over and clinch those first. Make sure your ceremony is ready to roll well before your wedding day. Do it when you have time. This Byron Bay Celebrant Blog says you won’t have time in the last week.

The No 1 tip is to enjoy regardless of any hiccups. You can have plan B for the weather, but how your hair and makeup will look or whether Aunty Marg is going to be late as usual, can’t effect your enjoyment of your wedding.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Where did that beach go?

When you plan a beach wedding you are probably thinking warm white sand and the sound of lapping waves.

For that you need a beach that is not covered by water.

What time of day is your ceremony? What will be the tide on the day?

Each beach is different and the tides vary somewhat at different times of the year.

Have you looked at the beach at the tide level corresponding to your wedding time?

Is there enough room for everyone during the ceremony?

Look up the local tide charts at Willy Weather.

Byron Bay Celebrants Blog

Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

The bride and the groom are the Stars of this show not the Directors.

Delegate all the wedding day chores to others and appoint a Wedding Manager to make sure it all comes together.

Yes, insist on it, you’re going to need it unless you are a stress magnet! After all, family and friends will be chuffed being given a part to play. Wouldn’t you do the same! Anything from fetching the champas to paying the string quartet.

You don’t want to be thinking about who you owe what to and whether everything is going according to plan.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Looking Good

The photos! Yes – you know the ones that you can’t do again.

Though it will seem like a smile marathon, you only get one chance at the wedding photos .

This Byron Bay Celebrant Blog says be sure to give your photographer a photo rich shooting environment – stand close together, think romance, (think of the party to come) and bask in the attention.

Sure there will be lots of cameras and clicking going on.

The photographer may be a Photoshop wizard but it’s unlikely that the guests will be..

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Outdoors … Bad Hair … Sunburn

Dressed to the nines or dressed down, your skin is going to get a pounding especially on a sunny day at the beach. Unless you are wearing a brimmed hat keep the sunscreen handy.

This Byron Bay Celebrant Blog has seen many a nose turn a beautiful shade of red just waiting for the bride to rock up. So good idea to tell your guests to pack a brolly. Outdoor weddings, especially beach weddings can be so windy, especially when the afternoon sea breeze takes hold. Sounds like the too hard basket but with a little homework (e.g. you can at least find out the forecast. Sadly the wind can turn a fab hairdo into road kill.

Byron Bay Wedding Blog

Notice Of Your Intended Marriage

Within 18 months of your proposed marriage, and no later than one month prior to it, you must give a completed NOIM Form to your Authorised Marriage Celebrant who is to conduct your marriage. You will need your birth certificates (originals), evidence of changes of name, passport and divorce (where applicable).

Shortening Of Time

It is possible to shorten the minimum notice time for a marriage to less than a month if the special circumstances set out in the Marriage Regulations 1963 are met. You will need to approach a Prescribed Authority for approval. Prescribed authorities (usually your Local Court or Registry officials) can shorten the required period of notice if they are satisfied that the circumstances prescribed in the Regulations are met.

The categories of prescribed circumstances set out in the Regulations: –

  • Employment–related, or other travel commitments
  • Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations
  • Medical reasons Legal proceedings,
  • Error in giving notice.

The reason for wanting a shortening of time for notice must fall within one of these categories.  There is no capacity to grant a shortening of time outside these circumstances.  Shortening of time is not automatic. When making a decision, the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) or a prescribed authority will weigh up the information provided in support of your application and may seek additional information as outlined in the Regulations. You should have the documentation that supports your request before approaching a prescribed authority.

Legal wording MUST be used by Authorised Celebrant. The following MUST be used in your ceremony to make it legally binding: –

  • Your full name must be stated at least once.
  • The celebrant must state The Monitum: ‘I am duly authorised by law to solemnise marriages according to law. . . . Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are now about to enter. Marriage, according to law in Australia is the union of two people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.’

The following or similar words to this effect must be used in the vows: – ‘I call upon the persons here present that I Bride/Groom take you Groom/Bride to be my lawful wedded Husband/Wife/Life Partner’.