Sam & Renee | Ewingsdale Hall



We met through our mutual friend Doug at the Bexhill woodfired Pizza night on Friday 28th Feb 2014. A bunch of us went back to Doug’s place afterwards, and Sam and I really noticed each other when we took turns in playing the guitar. It ended up just being Sam, Doug and I as people slowly left. Sam was about to leave when I urged him to stay! It ended up being the 3 of in Doug’s king bed watching episodes of Seinfeld, with me in the middle. Doug eventually fell asleep and Sam and I stayed up all night just talking. At dusk we went out onto the balcony and had our first proper kiss. Later that night we saw each other again at the Treehouse for a birthday party of a friend of Dougs we’d met the night before. We ended up spending the entire weekend together, ending up out at Sam’s parents farm he was house sitting on Sunday.